Six Ways of Giving

1. Register your Martin's Advantage card.  People can sign up any time. The program runs from October 15 to April 15th. You only need to sign up once. The registrations are good from year to year. The school has a catalogue of merchandise to choose from at the end of the program.

2. Spartan brand UPC codes. Each one is worth 2 cents. This is cash that goes into the school's general fund.

3. Box Tops for Education. The list of products with the Box Top coupon on them is on the back of the Martin's registration. Each Box Top is worth ten cents. The money goes into the school general fund.

4. Scrip! There is a form on the school web site. The accounts where the profits can be directed are

  • 343 Holy Cross General Fund
  • 600 Tuition Assistance Fund
  • 800 Debt Reduction Fund


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